Hint 3 – Multiple Light Tiles

So far we only gave you hints for normal tiles. But there are tiles where you have to walk over twice or thrice. This can make it quite hard to find the last tile. It also ruins the Corner Argument. Here is one simple example:


This should be very easy for you 😉 You just walk up and down again when the 2-tile appears. But don’t underestimate this “trick”! It can be helpful in less obvious situations. Intuitively most people will first try to handle 2-tiles by walking by twice on different paths. But often you just have to collect one 1-tile next to it and come back immediately. This small riddle demonstrates this:


hinher3 hinher4

Sometimes 2-tiles appear together next to each other. To clear these it can help to go back and forth:


The most important topic is the final tile again. As the levels get harder, it will also be more difficult to spot it, especially if there are 2- and 3-tiles involved. It might help to think in bigger groups of tiles. Watch out for suspicious looking pairs of high tiles next to each other, like in this example:


Where should you end? Ii will help, if you start counting the entrance and exit fields onto the 2- and 3-tile. You need to walk over these 2+3 = 5 times. The surrounding tiles are exactly 5 as well, which means that you will either have to end on the 2- or the 3-tile. There is simply no other way out of this tile group.

This argument is more difficult to spot in a big puzzle, but the patterns are often the same and soon you will be able to see them easily 🙂 Have fun finding these combinations!

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