Hint 6 – Rockets

To help you get along with our rockets, we first of all want to remind you of some rules about this special tile. One thing is that you always need a tile to land on. The other one is that you fly over other rockets. Keep this in mind while playing 😉rockets1

Sometimes we like to annoy you a little, so we put in “fake rockets”. That means the rocket functions as a normal tile.rockets1b

Another way to use rockets is to jump over only one tile by walking onto it from the front.rockets1c

The question you should ask yourself is: When do you use which rocket? It is always very helpful to think backwards – from the last tile to the first. Start with this thought: Which rocket can reach the end tile? It is obvious that you need to end on the left side, but how do you get there?rockets2

Remember when we told you about the Chess Pattern? This will help you here, too. rockets2b

From the lower rocket you cannot reach all the tiles on the right side, but you can with the upper one.

rockets2c rockets2drockets2e

So far you got used to clearing whole areas completely before leaving them again. Rockets make it possible to come back.


This will be very easy for you now 😉 Have fun with this special tile!


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