Advent Calendar

This is our advent calendar for you. We want to give you a new level each day starting today. Have fun (:

Day 24:
If a rocket flies over a wormhole, the star gets sucked in!

Tag 24

Rules 1:

  • Your aim is to collect all the light tiles.
  • The star can move only vertically or horizontally.
  • The star marks the starting position.

Rules 2:

  • Some tiles have more light, so you have to walk over them two or three times.

Rules 3:

  • Wormholes suck the star in, so that he will appear on the other end.
  • Two wormholes of the same colour belong together.

Rules 4:

  • The rockets will cover distances with no light tiles in between.
  • They will let the star jump over other rockets, but land on the nearest other tile (including wormholes etc.) in the direction it points to.

Day 23:
With which rocket do you fly when?

Tag 23

Day 22:

This should not be too hard for you πŸ˜‰

Tag 22

Day 21:
Play around with the rockets, where can you go?
Day 21

Day 20:
The star travels, and as time passes he discovers a new exciting way to travel. Rockets!
Day 20

Day 19:
Don’t worry. It looks really hard, but just try to backtrack and you will be able to solve it.
Day 19

Day 18:
A whole plane of light.
Day 18

Day 17:
Going in circles, where is the start, where is the end?
Day 17

Day 16:
Same rules as yesterday, but the solution is less obvious.

Day 16

Day 15:
Wow, what are these holes in space doing here? Allowing for new ways of travel of course πŸ™‚
So do not forget to look at the new rules!
Day 15

Day 14:
Used to the rules already? Here is your chance to prove it!
Day 14

Day 13:
Almost the same like day 9, but do not let yourself be tricked. It is much harder.
Day 13

Day 12:
Big, Bigger, Biggest. Take care, there are three different sizes here. Cross them one two or three times.
Day 12

Day 11:
Lets get some practice with the new rule πŸ™‚
Day 11

Day 10:
Today you will learn a new additional rule. The lights you see have different levels brightness. The rightmost light is darker than all the other lights. You have to step over the brighter tiles twice.
Day 10

Day 9:
Last day with such simple rules. Tomorrow you will get to know a new game element. For today try to combine everything you have learned to solve this puzzle.
Day 9

Day 8:
Again another trick. Think like a snake.
Day 8

Day 7:
Wow. Todays puzzle sure looks confusing. Try to figure out which field is the final one. This will help you to find the way.
Day 7

Day 6:
Hohoho. Santa Claus is bringing the next level. We hope you like it. Its really tricky.
Day 6

Day 5:
If you have managed to stay with us this long you really are our number one πŸ™‚
Day 5

Day 4:
Can you solve our forth puzzle. A hint: It can often be helpful to try and figure out what the end tile needs to be.
Day 4

Day 3:
Now you probably already got the hang of it. So lets try with one that is a little more difficult.
Day 3 - Getting exercise

Day 2:
The journey continues. Same rules as on the first day.

Day 2 - The journey continues

Day 1:
Here begins the journey of our little star. Look at the rules and try to solve this first puzzle. Do not worry if it seems to simple. This is just the warm up. The journey will become increasingly difficult.
Day 1 - The journey begins