Hint 6 – Rockets

To help you get along with our rockets, we first of all want to remind you of some rules about this special tile. One thing is that you always need a tile to land on. The other one is that you fly over other rockets. Keep this in mind while playing πŸ˜‰rockets1

Sometimes we like to annoy you a little, so we put in “fake rockets”. That means the rocket functions as a normal tile.rockets1b

Another way to use rockets is to jump over only one tile by walking onto it from the front.rockets1c

The question you should ask yourself is: When do you use which rocket? It is always very helpful to think backwards – from the last tile to the first. Start with this thought: Which rocket can reach the end tile? It is obvious that you need to end on the left side, but how do you get there?rockets2

Remember when we told you about the Chess Pattern? This will help you here, too. rockets2b

From the lower rocket you cannot reach all the tiles on the right side, but you can with the upper one.

rockets2c rockets2drockets2e

So far you got used to clearing whole areas completely before leaving them again. Rockets make it possible to come back.


This will be very easy for you now πŸ˜‰ Have fun with this special tile!

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Hint 5 – Comets

Comets are an evil tile, they destroy some of our arguments for solving levels. But still they are not that difficult. The most important thing to know is, when do you need a path or when don’t you.

comets1 The yellow tiles complete the way so that you can walk clockwise. This path will be broken if you go to the right at first. Therefore try to recognize when you need the permanent tiles.

This gets a little harder when there are two or more colours. Think about when you do not need the red or yellow permanent tiles any more. Here you first need to go clockwise, eliminate the red tiles with the red comet and then go on to the yellow tile. The tile in the middle cancomets2 be collected from both sides before activating the last comet.



The permanent tiles can destroy the corner argument. Have a closer look at this puzzle:


The first tiles are no problem. Here the permanent tile can simply be handled as a normal tile to collect the whole region. However the upper part cannot be cleared that easily. From the permanent tile on you need to either go to the tile on top or left and then proceed until the comet.



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Hint 4 – Teleporter

Teleporters can confuse you sometimes because you get lost in the rotation πŸ˜‰ Here are some small tricks to help you through these levels. Even if the puzzle is big, try to focus: you do not need to solve everything at once. First solve some smaller parts and then find out in which order you should walk through.

One question is when to walk into which teleporter. For each colour there are always two teleporters. Which one should you take?


If you first walk into the right blue teleporter, then you will leave one tile behind on the right side. But if you first go upwards, you clear this tile just after walking out of the teleporter.


Another question is which coloured teleporter to use in which order – red or yellow?

The last tile is the one in the upper left corner. So you need to clear the red and then the yellow one. Then again ask the first question, which red teleporter do you need? The one on the lower left corner, because otherwise you will leave two tiles behind.

Sometimes one forgets the rule that you can walk from a teleporter directlly into another. Now, can you solve this puzzle?


teleporter1b teleporter1c teleporter1d

Now try these hints on the bigger levels. We hope you have as much fun as we do πŸ˜‰

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Hint 3 – Multiple Light Tiles

So far we only gave you hints for normal tiles. But there are tiles where you have to walk over twice or thrice. This can make it quite hard to find the last tile. It also ruins the Corner Argument. Here is one simple example:


This should be very easy for you πŸ˜‰ You just walk up and down again when the 2-tile appears. But don’t underestimate this “trick”! It can be helpful in less obvious situations. Intuitively most people will first try to handle 2-tiles by walking by twice on different paths. But often you just have to collect one 1-tile next to it and come back immediately. This small riddle demonstrates this:


hinher3 hinher4

Sometimes 2-tiles appear together next to each other. To clear these it can help to go back and forth:


The most important topic is the final tile again. As the levels get harder, it will also be more difficult to spot it, especially if there are 2- and 3-tiles involved. It might help to think in bigger groups of tiles. Watch out for suspicious looking pairs of high tiles next to each other, like in this example:


Where should you end? Ii will help, if you start counting the entrance and exit fields onto the 2- and 3-tile. You need to walk over these 2+3 = 5 times. The surrounding tiles are exactly 5 as well, which means that you will either have to end on the 2- or the 3-tile. There is simply no other way out of this tile group.

This argument is more difficult to spot in a big puzzle, but the patterns are often the same and soon you will be able to see them easily πŸ™‚ Have fun finding these combinations!

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Hint 2 – Spotting Corners

Last week we told you to think about your last step. But actually we didn’t tell you how to get there or why this is so helpful to know. Have a look at this puzzle:


The last tile is the one on the very left. The great thing about knowing this is that now we can easily find the rest of the path. The concept is that every time you enter a tile, you also have to leave it again (except if it is the last one). As soon as you found the last tile, you also know which tiles are NOT the last one. Now watch out for the ones that only have one possibility to cross. We call them corners, because most of the time they are just that.


Now try it on your own. What are the next steps? Where are more corners? You can solve the whole puzzle only with this argument. It will also help with many of our other puzzles.

Further steps:





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Hint 1 – Finding the last tile

We know that our game is fun to play because it is quite challenging. To help you keeping up that fun, we thought we could give you some hints. We are not going to tell you the exact solution of each puzzle, but we will teach you the general strategies to solve every puzzle. This week we’ll start with the end: the last tile.

Every journey starts with the last step, right? Wait, that doesn’t sound too obvious. But in the case of Tw!nkle it is true. If you know which tile should be the last, it will be much easier for you to solve the level. So your first thought should always be: Which one is the last tile? Sometimes this is pretty obvious. There is exactly one light tile that you can only enter, but not leave again. Let’s have a look at the following riddle: (The red head marks the starting tile.)


In most cases it is not that simple. Have a look at the next example. The left part is clear, you just have to walk the line. But at the beginning you have two paths that you can choose. Which one is it – up or down?


Have a closer look at these two options. In both cases – up and down – there are four tiles and a path out of that region. However this is not enough, you also need to be able to reach this exit in order to clear the rest of the level. But how can you find out whether it is possible to leave a group of tiles again? As you can only walk horizontally or vertically, you can imagine a colouring of the tiles like on a chess board (here marked in white and red). Every move of the star (or red head ;)) can only be from a white to a red tile or vice verca.

On the way down you have two red and two white tiles and you enter on a red one. As the number of tiles is even, you can only exit on a red tile. That means you can clear this region easily without leaving any tiles behind. If you walk upwards there are two red an two white tiles again and you still start on a red one. That means if you ever enter this region and want to get all the light, you will have to stop on a white one.Β  In conclusion, you first need to go down, then left, up and finally clear the upper right area.


This argument should help you to find the last tile of most of our puzzles. Don’t worry, you will soon be able to spot the last tile in every puzzle πŸ˜‰

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Finish line!

We did it – we are finished! This means that you can download the app now. You will find a free trial version “Tw!nkle Lite” with 25 levels and also the full version “Tw!nkle” with 60 completely different puzzles. So start downloading now and try to help our little star.

Download Tw!nkle

Download Tw!nkle

Plese rate our game in the App Store it really means a lot.
You can also leave us a comment on how you like the game. If you have any suggestions how we can improve the game, you can write us an email to support@twinklegame.de.

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Special Tiles 3 – Comets


As the setting is in space we thought we should use comets as special tiles. But what exactly will they do? We thought about what real comets do and came up with the idea that our comets should destroy other tiles. Since the normal tiles can be easily destroyed anayway, we were in need of some permanent tiles that remain in place even after you have walked on it. Β If you now walk onto a comet tile, the corresponding permanent tiles will disappear. With this element it is not so clear when you have to pick up which light tile. Once again they come in different colors to confuse you more.

Comets are energetic and active objects. They are not meant to be floating quietly somewhere between normal tiles. Therefore, we added some exciting animations to this element. The comets themselves are surrounded by orbiting light balls, looking like they are ready to explode at any time. As soon as you walk on them, they will shoot arrows out of colored light to all the corresponding permanent tiles:

Foto(2)Foto(3) Foto(5)

It took a long time to find a design for the permanent tiles that we all like. The first idea was to make a rock-like tile with a crack through which Β a colorful glow shines. It is supposed to look solid in contrast to the normal tiles, but at the same time destroyable by the comets.

comet: first design

And here comes the first problem: you can’t tell them apart easily. This makes the levels with many differently colored comets really annoying. Here are the first attempts to fix this problem:

Β Β Β tileset0-ipad-copy_02

Now they are far too colorful for us. However, we couldn’t think of any better alternative at this time. Instead of accepting a not quite satisfying version, we decided to try something completely different in order to get new ideas:

comets: ringed versionsThey look simple and elegant. But it is not quite our style. Finally, we found a variation of the original idea that just falls into place!

comets: final versionThe rotatated position should help especially color-blind players to be able to distinguish between them.

We really enjoy this exciting element! Hopefully you too.

Merry Christmas!

Besides stars we also like cookies, so we made some for you. This should not be too difficult to solve for you πŸ˜‰

We wish you all a merry christmas!


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Special Tiles 2 – Rockets

These are our favourite tiles! And the most challenging, if you ask me. Some filthy pig left his waste in space – rockets. But hey, that’s great! Our little star can use them to fly over huge distances between two tiles. And just like that he is flying through the sky. So what is the difficulty? You can now cover large distances and do not have to clear one block in one motion. There might be the possibility to come back to this block again with a rocket.

Now we had to think about the exact function of these rockets. Finally we agreed on these rules: rockets jump over other rockets because they just fly above them. But they land on every other tile including the other special tiles. If this is a wormhole then the star will just be sucked into it.

The design of this tile is peculiarly cute. Check it out: