Hint 1 – Finding the last tile

We know that our game is fun to play because it is quite challenging. To help you keeping up that fun, we thought we could give you some hints. We are not going to tell you the exact solution of each puzzle, but we will teach you the general strategies to solve every puzzle. This week we’ll start with the end: the last tile.

Every journey starts with the last step, right? Wait, that doesn’t sound too obvious. But in the case of Tw!nkle it is true. If you know which tile should be the last, it will be much easier for you to solve the level. So your first thought should always be: Which one is the last tile? Sometimes this is pretty obvious. There is exactly one light tile that you can only enter, but not leave again. Let’s have a look at the following riddle: (The red head marks the starting tile.)


In most cases it is not that simple. Have a look at the next example. The left part is clear, you just have to walk the line. But at the beginning you have two paths that you can choose. Which one is it – up or down?


Have a closer look at these two options. In both cases – up and down – there are four tiles and a path out of that region. However this is not enough, you also need to be able to reach this exit in order to clear the rest of the level. But how can you find out whether it is possible to leave a group of tiles again? As you can only walk horizontally or vertically, you can imagine a colouring of the tiles like on a chess board (here marked in white and red). Every move of the star (or red head ;)) can only be from a white to a red tile or vice verca.

On the way down you have two red and two white tiles and you enter on a red one. As the number of tiles is even, you can only exit on a red tile. That means you can clear this region easily without leaving any tiles behind. If you walk upwards there are two red an two white tiles again and you still start on a red one. That means if you ever enter this region and want to get all the light, you will have to stop on a white one.  In conclusion, you first need to go down, then left, up and finally clear the upper right area.


This argument should help you to find the last tile of most of our puzzles. Don’t worry, you will soon be able to spot the last tile in every puzzle 😉

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