Hint 2 – Spotting Corners

Last week we told you to think about your last step. But actually we didn’t tell you how to get there or why this is so helpful to know. Have a look at this puzzle:


The last tile is the one on the very left. The great thing about knowing this is that now we can easily find the rest of the path. The concept is that every time you enter a tile, you also have to leave it again (except if it is the last one). As soon as you found the last tile, you also know which tiles are NOT the last one. Now watch out for the ones that only have one possibility to cross. We call them corners, because most of the time they are just that.


Now try it on your own. What are the next steps? Where are more corners? You can solve the whole puzzle only with this argument. It will also help with many of our other puzzles.

Further steps:






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