Hint 4 – Teleporter

Teleporters can confuse you sometimes because you get lost in the rotation 😉 Here are some small tricks to help you through these levels. Even if the puzzle is big, try to focus: you do not need to solve everything at once. First solve some smaller parts and then find out in which order you should walk through.

One question is when to walk into which teleporter. For each colour there are always two teleporters. Which one should you take?


If you first walk into the right blue teleporter, then you will leave one tile behind on the right side. But if you first go upwards, you clear this tile just after walking out of the teleporter.


Another question is which coloured teleporter to use in which order – red or yellow?

The last tile is the one in the upper left corner. So you need to clear the red and then the yellow one. Then again ask the first question, which red teleporter do you need? The one on the lower left corner, because otherwise you will leave two tiles behind.

Sometimes one forgets the rule that you can walk from a teleporter directlly into another. Now, can you solve this puzzle?


teleporter1b teleporter1c teleporter1d

Now try these hints on the bigger levels. We hope you have as much fun as we do 😉

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