Special Tiles 3 – Comets


As the setting is in space we thought we should use comets as special tiles. But what exactly will they do? We thought about what real comets do and came up with the idea that our comets should destroy other tiles. Since the normal tiles can be easily destroyed anayway, we were in need of some permanent tiles that remain in place even after you have walked on it.  If you now walk onto a comet tile, the corresponding permanent tiles will disappear. With this element it is not so clear when you have to pick up which light tile. Once again they come in different colors to confuse you more.

Comets are energetic and active objects. They are not meant to be floating quietly somewhere between normal tiles. Therefore, we added some exciting animations to this element. The comets themselves are surrounded by orbiting light balls, looking like they are ready to explode at any time. As soon as you walk on them, they will shoot arrows out of colored light to all the corresponding permanent tiles:

Foto(2)Foto(3) Foto(5)

It took a long time to find a design for the permanent tiles that we all like. The first idea was to make a rock-like tile with a crack through which  a colorful glow shines. It is supposed to look solid in contrast to the normal tiles, but at the same time destroyable by the comets.

comet: first design

And here comes the first problem: you can’t tell them apart easily. This makes the levels with many differently colored comets really annoying. Here are the first attempts to fix this problem:


Now they are far too colorful for us. However, we couldn’t think of any better alternative at this time. Instead of accepting a not quite satisfying version, we decided to try something completely different in order to get new ideas:

comets: ringed versionsThey look simple and elegant. But it is not quite our style. Finally, we found a variation of the original idea that just falls into place!

comets: final versionThe rotatated position should help especially color-blind players to be able to distinguish between them.

We really enjoy this exciting element! Hopefully you too.