Special Tiles 1 – Wormholes

The wormhole is a common game element. It teleports you to another position anywhere on the screen. That is the first element to make the solutions less obvious for the player. It also gives the game a more colourful look. Additionally, we can use several wormholes in different colours to irritate the user.

But it was a long way until we finally agreed on a design for the wormholes. Here are some examples of the things we tried out. We hope you like the final decision.

Teleporter drafts

Example level using teleporters

2 thoughts on “Special Tiles 1 – Wormholes

  1. Hallo,
    very good idea the game.
    For the design i find it better the user can choose the picture (wormholes?) For example: a farmer chose a cow or sheep, a doctor can take blood cells and so on.



  2. I think that the decision is very good, because the user thinks that he is sucked in like in a whirl. This effect comes from the black in the middle and the colors around. Plus it´s not too big but you can easily differentiate the colors.

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