Tw!nkle – a puzzle game about a cute star

Have you ever wondered what a computer science Ph.D., two students of mathematics and a student of mechatronics do in their free time? Programming their own iPad App it is! As spare time is boring anyway, we thought we could work a bit more and decided to make our own game. We all agreed that it had to be challenging, but meditative and of course addictive. But  most importantly,  it had to have a cute main character. And so our little star was born! Although we made him the cutest star in the whole sky, he is not quite happy, because he does not yet sparkle like the others. So his goal is to collect as much light dust in one night as possible to become bright and shiny.

How exactly does he do that? In each level there is a grid of light balls. To clear it you have to walk onto every single tile at least once. The difficulty is to choose the right path. Most of the levels have only one solution. To make it more interesting, we also thought of several additional tiles, which we will tell you about in detail later.

Excited as we were about this first idea, we started right away. Barbara takes care of programming. As the game is for Apple products, she uses Objective C. The Code will be open source when we are finished. Helen is our artist. She makes the star cute and let our little world sparkle. Florian is the one you have to complain to if the levels are too hard. As our puzzle master, he has to approve of every new level before we add it to the game, to ensure that there is a nice solution. Agnes designs the easier levels that teach the player the game. She also makes sure that everyone is doing his job. But most of the big decisions are made in group. We also find our inspiration together.

In the next entries, we will tell you more about the design of the menu, the look of the tiles, how we make the levels and of course our little star.