The design of the menu

As our star has only one night to become sparkling, we wanted to show you this night in the menu. Therefore we choose a black landscape with a tree, where the skyline will change from sunset at the earlier levels to black night and then sunrise at the end of the game.

What does that look like? Helen drew a big painting that shows this scenery. To give the impression of time passing, the background slides away when you change from one point in night to the next. This effect should look like a small rotation of the skyline. Click on the picture for more details:

When you start a level, the background slides upwards. The effect should give you the impression of looking up to the stars high in the sky.

The level selection is visualized by 10 gray fields with a bright number. Those represent the locked levels. If you unlock a level the field becomes luminous. Again, once you cleared it a little star apears in the corner.

Altogether we tried to make the menu look calm and comfortable, like a warm summer night.